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Today was our first day at the Nzema Baptist Hospital! Excitement was definitely in the air as we drove up to the entrance! I was amazed at all of the wonderful changes that had taken place as we toured the building. The building has been painted a fabulous blue and decorated with new plants, glass windows, a labor and delivery suite, running water, tiled floors, electricity, the works! This has been my fourth mission here serving the people in Ghana. The first year God had called me to this trip the church had just purchased the land and while standing in a forest full of lush palm trees we stood holding hands praying over this new land not knowing how much God was going to provide in the years to come. The second time I came there was a fantastic clearing, foundation was laid and we signed our names on the stone excited for the beginning of a great adventure! The third year I was here the building was up with cement walls and a vision coming to life. Now as I enter my fourth year of investment into this mission I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that God would allow me – a Medical Assistant from Ohio - to be just a small part in this big plan to bring the Gospel and much needed Medical Care to these amazing people. God’s faithfulness with this project has been a beacon of hope for the people of Half Assini.

As we set up to start the day there was a crowd anticipating the care they were about to receive. Things ran smoothly as the day took off - patients flooding in with all sorts of needs to be met. We even had time to stop and hold some babies (which is a Ghanaian must!). And let’s just be honest, going off on a baby tangent how can your day not be turned around when a one-month old is put in your arms. Just ask Aaron and I! As the day progressed things started to speed up and through all the hustle and bustle of clinic a surprise visit from Emaunella (Frank Archer’s daughter) was a joyful reunion! Esther. Then as I went back to work I was pulled to the front as Mark brought a very sick patient up to me. As she came towards me her arms were wrapped in dirty sheets as she unraveled one side a burn that took up most of her forearm was visible. We quickly bumped her to the front of line, weighed her and ushered her to intake. As we started to do her intake she told us about her injuries. Esther has epilepsy and a month ago had an episode which led her to fall into a fire. Aaron wiped her tears as they streamed down her face. At that point I had decided to intentionally stay with her during her Dr. visit just to be with her. Aaron and Albert (our translator) graciously stayed back to continue intaking patients. As we headed over to see Dr. Chen he had me unwrap the other wound which consisted of severe burns from the hand all the way up to her elbow. She continued cry as she told her story of not having much family and not being able to afford the proper care for this type of wound. After much contemplation the team decided to pull money together, find a family member and take her in a taxi to Takarodi Hospital to receive the appropriate medical care. This is just another story of why the Hospital we are building will be so very crucial to this people group. Before Esther left Genesis (another one of our translators) and Emanulla shared the gospel with her and we took the time to pray over her. Pastor Frank and Kyle made arrangements with the chief and family members to take care of her after we leave. Emotions were high as clinic ended however as the team shared stories of each part of clinic this evening the gospel was shared and we were all encouraged by Gods passion for his people.

The drive home was a quiet time of personal reflection. Overwhelming and humbling.

Sending us out to help this broken land I was reminded that every victory is His! God has and will faithfully provide. He is worthy of honor and glory and He HAS OVERCOME the grave! And though bodies may be decaying on the outside he has provided a way to be healed forever. I am a humbled servant ready to do His will. He has all the power and chooses to use us! Please pray for bodies to heal, souls to be saved, intercede for Esther as she continues on her journey, healing her soul and giving her comfort continuing to bring people into her life that will point her to Christ.

-By the Grace of God,

Holly Toporowski

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