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"Faithful you have been, and faithful you will be"

Throughout these last 6 months preparing for our trip, my heart was daily reminded of God’s faithfulness. He has been so faithful to this team and we have seen his faithfulness remain true since arriving into Ghana. You may ask yourself, “Where have you seen his faithfulness in the midst of so many random and unexpected hiccups during the first couple days of this trip?” Honestly, at times it was hard to choose to trust when we were all so incredibly exhausted. But, then I heard statements like, “This is the smoothest this process has ever been” and “We didn’t lose any bags in the airport!” Those are things that our team has praised the Lord for time and time again since being here. Those moments are a testimony of God’s grace to us.

Yesterday was out first clinic day. While it was only a half day, I definitely underestimated how exhausting it would be. But our hearts were so full at the end of the day. After we arrived back, my roommate and I were both in disbelief asking ourselves, “What just happened?” We spent some time as a team last night debriefing our first clinic day and while there were some hiccups we can improve on, the comradery of this team and the joy they have in serving is contagious. I am humbled and blessed to serve with each of them. It takes a great amount of people to accomplish what we accomplish in Ghana and that is a testimony of our team’s obedience to go be the hands and feet of Christ in this beautiful country.

Today we attended a traditional Ghanaian church service. Prior to this I heard an abundant amount of things about church. It’s very long, there’s dancing, the people are a lot of fun, and on and on. And while all of these things were very true, what I did not expect to hear ended up being my absolute favorite part of the service. After the singing, dancing, and preaching, Frank Archer came to the podium to thank us for coming. He then began to share about the journey of how Glorious Baptist came to fruition and how instrumental CVC has been in this process. From the generosity of our people to dedicated prayers, CVC has been a huge part of what we are now experiencing in Ghana. Praise God! I wanted to celebrate this today because that is yet again another testimony of God’s faithfulness to both CVC and the Nzema people. What a joy to share in the experience with the Nzema people today, people who close to 20 years ago had no idea about who Jesus was and who now are raising their hands dancing and praising their Savior. All glory be to God!

And so the journey continues. We are heading into our first of many full-day clinics tomorrow and while I could focus on what I’m not going to enjoy about it or how hot it might be, I sit here today reminded of God’s faithfulness. I sit here too with a grateful heart for the people of CVC and their faithfulness to the Nzema people here in Ghana. I am reminded that the process does not happen overnight and it takes both diligence and patience. We have had a number of teams come over the years who’ve never had the chance to experience the things we are getting to experience. But, their ministry has not been wasted, in fact, they may have been a part of some of the most integral moments that shaped Ghana to what it is today.

As you read these posts during our trip, see the pictures, and hear the stories, I hope you are reminded time and time again of God’s faithfulness. I also hope one day you will have the chance to experience what our team is experiencing here. It truly is nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to see what else the Lord has in store for our team in these coming days. Thank you for being a part of the journey with us.

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