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To date, the entire hospital building project has been funded by the charitable contributions of members from Cuyahoga Valley Community (CVC) Church.  Annual missions-focused fundraisers have raised a collective $250,000 to cover the land, outpatient facility, payment for the construction team, and the installation of two water wells.  The estimated cost to complete all 3 phases of the hospital project is $1.5 million dollars.  In order to reach our goal of bringing sustainable, medical care to the Nzema people, we need your help!

At CVC Church we explain service as giving one's time, talent, and treasure (monetary gifts) for the benefit of others.  Would you partner with us by going on or sending a medical mission team to Ghana for 2 weeks?  Will you share your financial resources to help complete our hospital and expand access to care where so few have it?  Do you have medical training or another skillset to contribute to the hospital build or clinical operations?  How will you leave your mark?

All donations will be processed through Tapestry Partners International, our 501c3 organization.  The link below will connect to their donation page. 
For online donations, please select:
'IMM-Ghana Health Center'  in the "Fund" dropdown.
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